Turkey-Day Hangover Cure

Hit the hair of the dog with a tryptophan-tastic wine tasting.

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Four slabs of turkey, half a gravy boat, two rolls, three glops of mash, a sample plate of all four pies... we won't even talk about the cheese balls. Oh, and the wine. We stopped counting after the third goblet of Beaujolais. But that was yesterday. Today is a new day. It's a holiday weekend, and We say drink through it. Either to forget the damage you did, hit the hair of the dog that bit you, or to get away from creepy Uncle Milt and his sleeve full of used hankies.

Get thee to Colorado Wine Co.'s Tryptophan-tastic Wine Tasting. Fifteen bucks gets you five wines plus heavenly cheeses (that's your first meal today, right?). The vibe is relaxed (more naps, yay!) with decidedly un-stuffy wines and staff. Plus, CoWineCo is not shy with its pouring, so you'll forget about that midnight third helping in no time.

Friday, November 28th
Tryptophan-tastic Wine Tasting
Colorado Wine Company
5:30-8:30PM, $15

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