Two Tix to Buy ASAP

This is our issue. Maybe yours, too. We sit on things, and we're not talking couches. XYZ is playing in three weeks? We got time. Fast forward three weeks to us, standing outside some box office window, clawing at some box office window, frantic, sweaty, attempting to get a ticket, any ticket, while happy, smarter people who thought ahead are walking past us, into the show, laughing.

They're always laughing.

So here's today's planning-ahead reminder poke to the ribs. Billy Bragg, that great, rousing, raise-a-beer-to-ideals-your-beliefs-and-your-mates musician, will be in Santa Monica on August 29th. Why is this a story here and abroad? His Beethoven's Ninth show -- he's lent a fresh take to the libretto -- is having its stateside premiere. You -- if you're there -- will be singing along with Mr. Bragg on "Ode to Joy"; picture it. We are. This feels event-y, and beautiful, and heart-gladdening. Period.

Also ahead: Rifftrax Live. A clutch of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" guys cracks wise on "Plan 9 From Outer Space." Perhaps you saw them live last fall at The Aero. This deal, however, has a twist: They'll be satelliting their sarcasm into theaters around the country all at once. Several LA-area theaters are listed, including the AMC in Century City. It's on August 20th, and word on the street (street name: is that tickets are flying faster than a souped-up saucer making for the ends of the universe.

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