Underwood Welcomes Newborn Goats

The Fall Harvest Festival is in full bloom and some new kids have come to play.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Occasions don't come much more adorable than the arrival of a pair of baby farm animals, and that the brand-new beasties would choose to appear during the farm's busiest moment only serves to further up the general excitement. Look to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, which is just about halfway through its popular month-long Fall Harvest Festival, a big ol' cornucopia of pumpkins and games and concerts and tractor hay pulls and eats and mazes. But Peter and Parker -- they're the awww-cute farm animals we mentioned earlier -- are a furry reminder that Underwood's rep, especially among families with smaller tots, is very much about the critters that live there on the farm. Peter and Parker are goats, brand-new goats, making them kids, of course, and they showed up on a Saturday afternoon during the festival, at around 3 o'clock. Surely it was a thrilling sight for the people visiting the fest on what is traditionally its busiest day of the week. Add to all of this that the goats of Underwood are some of the biggest celebrities, given their able-hooved propensity for walking along high-up planks placed well above the ground. It won't be long, we suspect, before Peter and Parker are up there with parents Packer and Zorro, delighting we camera-toting humans standing below.

AFTER YOU GET YOUR FURRY FILL... of the newborn animals, there are theme'd pleasures to enjoy, at least if you head to the Moorpark agricultural landmark on a weekend. For sure, weekdays are lively, too, if you need your pumpkin patch pictures and a hot dog and some country-style sunshine, but weekends rev up. Oct. 17 and 18 is Antique Tractor Weekend -- yep, you'll eye plenty of the old-timey machines, which will be on full, look-closer display -- and the following weekend is Western Weekend, with cowboys, a covered wagon, and music that recalls a barn-placed hoedown. Halloween day, the final day of the festival, is devoted to pumpkins. Whatever theme weekend you take in, be sure to pay your respects to babies Peter and Parker and all of the Underwood animals, beasties that lend the rustic setting a lot of far-from-the-city, hay-scented charms.

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