Unicorn High Heels

JEFFREY CAMPBELL MICHELLE GOLD RUFFLE UNICORN HEEL: We were always in the unicorn's camp. Unicorn shirts, with rainbows. Unicorn puffy stickers. The poster with the rearing unicorn, mane flowing free. And that there exists, on this plane of existence, on this side of time's mirror, unicorn high heels -- check out the swirly horn/heel combo -- that are golden, with ruffle... Well. Fantasy lives! Via Lulu's, $121

TWO-TONE ROPER BOOTS: And while we're on the topic of whimsical footwear, we had to make mention of these Justin Roper beauties we spied on Refinery 29. Oh boy. The steampunkity. We want the cell phone that looks like wood and dials. We want the laptop that looks like it came out of a Jules Verne novel. And we want these boots. Via Nasty Gal, $118

WINE TASTING PARTY KIT: Because we hear how to do it -- the bags to hide the bottles, the little slips of paper, how the voting should go -- and then we mean to write it all down, but we don't, and then. And then. This handy box looks like it has everything we'll need to get to sampling those chards, including notepads and glass markers. We think we probably need those. Via Mel & Rose, $24.95 

EARLY DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES: What did Pershing Square look like almost hundred years ago? Spring Street? One of the many nice things about our big, skyscrapered downtown is that while it is very go-go-go, there are slices that have retained that historic spirit and vibe. A new book from Arcadia Publishing -- they do all of those vintage look-back volumes -- fetes the early days of the heart of our metropolis (it's available on Monday the 24th). Via Arcadia Publishing, $21.99

FULLER'S MUSTARD: Treating yourself to a nice and unusual condiment? It's the little luxuries. This is one that intrigues. The hot part we're signed on for, and the sweet. And that it was a Savory Condiments finalist at a big food show seals the deal. Are there two lovelier words together than savory condiments? Via Surfas, $5.19

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