Uptown Whittier Car Show

One of the chrome-laden biggies of the SoCal summer is here.

WARM WEATHER CLASSIC: Fireworks and lawnmowers and hammocks and kids running around with ice cream cones are all said to be symbols of summertime, but we'll put another one forward: the sprawling, free-admission car show. Make that the sprawling, free-admission car show that is filled with autos from an earlier day: muscle cars and Mustangs and big-finned, candy-hued beauties that look like a dessert that was shaped into something with four wheels. And because summer is now winding down, we're looking for all the symbolic events we can get. The Uptown Whittier Car Show is one, and it is set to roll -- well, roll then park -- on Saturday, Aug. 18.

WHAT YOU'LL SEE: "Over 300 cars" will be in the house -- or, um, the streets -- meaning that if your fancy includes trucks or hot rods or cruisers or practically anything in-between, you'll likely find an auto representing. The one caveat for owners entering their vehicles? The car has to hail from 1976 or earlier. Speaking of 1976, don't you miss that particular sparkly brown-gold from just about that year? Car lovers, was there a name for that hue? It looked almost like a vinyl couch.

OTHER HAPPENINGS: The cars are the main event, but antique dealers, tunes, and a '50s fashion show are part of the big day out. Parking might be a bit tricky, since the main uptown area will be for the display cars, so get there early in the day, if you can.

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