Valentine’s Afternoon at the Zoo

Sip bubbly, and discover how beasties pair up.

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Sometimes we come across a photo that just says everything that needs to be said and is perfect and cannot be bettered or added to in anyway.

The image above, quite obviously, is that image. A pair of Gerenuks -- or gazelles -- looking beautiful and Gerenuk-y as all get-out.

Thus we'll be brief with what we're here to say, so you can continue to get your fill of Gerenukianess. The Los Angeles Zoo is doing a special Valentine's Day event called Sex and the City Zoo. There will be bubbly, there will be snacking upon chocolate, there will be a stroll to better eye some of the park's famous twosomes, there will be factoids that will be frank and fascinating about how animals, um...

...engage in animal nooky? We wanted to write "Gerenukky" there, but refrained.

The part we're really loving is this is all happening on Sunday afternoon, February 14th, from 2:30-5:30PM, which means you can still keep your Valentine's dinner plans that night. Maybe you and your paramour can discuss all that was learned over the course of the day?

Cost is $35 per person general. We should add that this is for the grown-ups only. Like we said, the factoids will be frank. Fabulous.

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