Valley Film Festival is “Pickin' and Grinnin'”

Four days of film from the Valley's filmmakers.

Valley Film Festival, we totally want to buy you one of those mega omelettes at the NoHo Diner (we'll be at the end of the counter drinking the malt).

Why? Because you've been around for a decade now. Because you spotlight Valley filmmakers in need of spotlighting. Because you have awesomely eclectic tastes, and you probably don't mind us breaking out the word "awesomely" (or "totally," at the start of this post). Because your prize is called the 10 Degrees Hotter Award, which couldn't be more winky if it went to winking school.

And because at the 2010 festival, which is running from Nov. 11-14, you have movies like "Pickin' & Grinnin'" and "Driver's Ed Mutiny," which is a memorable title and pre-charms.

Every screening is going down at the Cap Theatre in Sherman Oaks. The El Portal -- just a short walk away from that omelette at the NoHo, is all we're saying, Valley Film Festival, if you're interested -- continues to be the fest's historic HQ.

Get info, get pickin', get grinnin', and get over the hill, LA, if you're not there now.

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