Vintage Clothing & Textile Show

Pick through pretty finds at Pickwick Gardens.

Vintage Textile & Clothing Show

Second-hand mavens (and third-hand, and ninth-hand) will go anywhere that a couple of vendors are gathered, just in case there's a find to be had, the perfect rhinestone brooch, some matching gloves to a favorite scarf.

But gather 65 vendors together, and put them in a venue with oodles of retro cred, and that's called a good day out for vintage lovers. That day'll be Sunday, Jan. 30, the event is the Vintage Clothing & Textile Show, and the retro-creddy place is none other than Burbank's own Pickwick Gardens.

You've bowled at Pickwick Gardens? And you've dressed in something a bit poodle-skirty? The bowling alley is one of the last bastions of bring-it-ness, when it comes to looking stylish and mid-century cute.

So be inspired by the locale, and by the fact that dozens of vendors means there will be hundreds of good deals. Admission is $7, doors open at 9 a.m., but you can pay $20 and start shopping at 8 a.m. You may find those gloves yet.

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