Vulture Love

Santa Barbara Zoo

LEARN SOMETHING NEW: We did not know there was an International Vulture Awareness Day, but now that we have this fact we're glad. After all, vultures. They get picked on in cartoons and movies plenty -- once the camera pans over to a prickly tree in the middle of nowhere, you just know there's going to be some hulking bird scowling down from a top branch -- but they're responsible for plenty of important and positive things here in the real world. We know this. And we can thank them back, or at least learn a little more about them, at the Santa Barbara Zoo. The park will be talking about its own vultures on Saturday, Sept. 3.

WE SHOULD ALSO NOTE... That the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is casting a vulture spotlight as well. And lots of other spots around the world. Do you love the vulture? You certainly love the condor, right? Vulture. Oh yeah. Get to know this cartoon fixture and get close with some beautiful birds to boot. Or to beak, perhaps.

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