“B Is For Bad Poetry”

Can we rewind, just a few days, and find this twisted treat under our tree?

Not that we didn't appreciate the gifts we got. But sometimes, just sometimes, a dash of vinegar is needed to level all the sweetness of the season. "B Is For Bad Poetry" is full of vinegar, and not-nice verses, and short grafs that are, well.


Well... not good. Author Pamela August Russell knows this. She's aiming low, with glee. And the poem titles? Perhaps "Love Is Like A Toilet Bowl" might reveal the nature of the tome.

Ms. Russell is not only an Angeleno, but she is an Angeleno who will be stopping by Book Soup to read and sign on Saturday, January 9th at 2PM. If you can't make it, the book is from Sterling Publishing.

Somebody you know needs this pronto.

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