Bubble Wrap Ring

BUBBLE WRAP RING: Designer Rose Braunstein creates jewelry molds from bubble wrap. The stuff you used to wrap all your dishes during your last move. We were out with a friend over the weekend who was wearing one. And she was stopped again and again by strangers who were agog. "Is that, um, bubble wrap, but, like, silver?" Why yes. The everyday meets elegance.

BLACK TRUFFLE SEA SALT: You either do or you don't eat eggs. We're not talking about eggs mixed into cookies, or pasta, or what have you. Just your basic fried egg. Over easy. If you do, and you haven't had truffle salt dusted across a slightly soft yolk yet, do so. We've been eyeing this little jar with the knowledge that we may, with its help, clear a full dozen by week's end.

"NINOTCHKA": The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has been screening the great films of 1939 all summer long. This is a favorite from that period. It stars Greta Garbo, and she's being funny. Funny! Not exactly screwball, but the entire romantic wooing bits give us a warm feeling above the ears. We probably need to own it.

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