San Antonio Wines

You're on the search for a truly local libation to walk in the door with when you head back home to London/Des Moines/Miami.

In the "truly local libation" category you'll find LA's own San Antonio Winery. Sure, the winery's grapes are now grown up north -- they weren't always, but, over time, downtown encroached upon the just-off-the-5 vineyards -- but the liquid-y magic comes together right here in Los Angeles.

You've been to the downtown tasting room. You've toured the barrel room, and had lunch at the cozy, barrel-ceiling'd restaurant. It's LA, it's wine, it's good.

San Antonio, aside from individual bottles, is offering gift baskets this season via its online store (or just head downtown and see everything in person).

Swanky, San Antonio. Very.

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