Weekend: AMGEN Tour of California

A throng of speedy elite cyclists pedal for downtown.

AMGEN TOUR OF CALIFORNIA: The powers behind this world-class event do not toss around the slogan "America's Greatest Race" to pass the time. This cycle spectacular is full of premiere pedal specialists and the many, many fans who line up to watch 'em. The riders'll be spinning, fast, from Beverly Hills to LA Live on Sunday, May 20. Get the route, the times, and info on the after-party, too. Tip: As in years past, the crowds are really turning out, so make time to find your spot.

BUG FAIR: Here's another slogan we're sweet on: "North America's biggest bug fair." Seriously, how can America's Greatest Race and North America's biggest bug fair be in the same city at the very same time? It's almost like there's a solar eclipse or something just ahead. So. The bugs'll be plentiful at the Natural History Museum, experts'll chat, cooks'll cook, and no one will squeal or say the word "ick." Right? Promise? Good. 'Cuz bugs rule. Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20

OH WAIT... There is a solar eclipse on Sunday, May 20. At least a partial, and nope, according to the very smart scientists with the charts, our fair city is not in the eclipse's main path. (If you're in Albuquerque, or the north part of NorCal, well, score.) Still, a lot of people'll be making for Griffith Observatory to see what they can see and we do mean a lot. The observatory says to expect "heavy traffic." Now. Where did we put that pinhole viewer we made in the 3rd grade?

BIG PARADE LA: It looks like this free two-day get-to-know-parts-of-the-city walk-about will wend its way to Griffith Park for solar chitchat on Sunday, May 20, but if that isn't for you, hop on a Silver Lake strut or get to know downtown. There are stairs, there are sights, and there's hobnobbing with people who love local history. The walk has oodles of heart and community cheer, that's for dang sure. Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20

CALIFORNIA STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL: A part of us wants to loan out at least one or two of our delicious fruit-and-vege-themed fests to other places, because our state has so many. But we do feel a bit selfish about them, too. Is that wrong? It's easy to feel a tad covetous about strawberry tarts and pies and games, though. People everywhere else, please kindly understand our tart-based needs. The berry bash is on in Oxnard on Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20.

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