Weekend: Enter the Digital Darkroom

How'd they shoot that? Find out at the Digital Darkroom exhibit

DIGITAL DARKROOM: No doubt about it, the Annenberg Space for Photography is about as avant garde and as cutting edge as a place that exhibits photos can be. But with the institution's newest show they do go a step, or five, further. Why? The images are all about where art meets tech. Let the wowza ensue. Opens Saturday, Dec. 17

BOAT PARADES: Newport Beach or Naples Island? Well, honest, if you're a big enough fan of the fancy, all-lit-up Christmas boat parade, you can do both. Naples gets rolling -- or, um, floating, rather -- on Saturday, Dec. 17 (and only Dec. 17, note), while the 103rd Newport Beach procession wends nightly through Sunday, Dec. 18. Our favorite part? The on-deck Santa'd captains waving from afar. A festive fishy motif doesn't hurt, either.

SANTACON: It's a worldwide phenom. How worldwide-y and phenom-ish, you ask? Gaggles of revelers bedecked in their Kris Kringle best take to various city streets and modes of public transport to raise a glass of nog and carol. Santacon has gotten so big that now even our own city sports three party spots. Those spots? Hollywood, Arroyo Seco/Gold Line, and Redondo Beach. Or "Rein-dondo" Beach, rather. Yep. Saturday, Dec. 17

ED ASNER TALKS "UP": What more do you need to know? A great actor, a great animated film -- heck, a great film -- and a Sunday matinee in the thick of the holiday season. True, "UP" isn't a holiday film, per se, but no film has more balloons per square screen inch. So that's festive. Sunday, Dec. 18 at the Aero

FREE FILM FUNDRAISER: Cinefamily at Silent Movie throws a 24-hour telethon. You can watch online or head to Fairfax and be in the "studio audience" (there are audience turnover times, so check the schedule). Celeb-y types will be spinning plates or doing things similar to spinning plates. Dec. 17-18, noon to noon

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