Weekend: Dana Point Festival of Whales

The ocean-close community fetes its beneath-the-waves visitors.

FESTIVAL OF WHALES: Dana Point's annual two-weekend party does indeed celebrate the magnificent mammal that is front-and-centered in its title, but it also fetes ocean life (see photo above) as well as landlubber pursuits. Such as? Oh, there's a parade, and a run, and a woodies show, and loads of art and crafts to look at, and sand sculpture lessons. It's happening March 3 and 4 and again on March 10 and 11. And, did we mention? Whale-watching cruises. Lots of 'em.

FRANKLIN'S MOVIE MAGIC: It's not an unusual experience to be watching an older television show or vintage film and recognize a tree or a rock formation that you know from your own hikes or drives. If this sort of thing thrills you -- as it should, being a SoCaler -- make for the Sooky Goldman Nature Center in Franklin Canyon on Saturday, March 3 for a two-hour stroll through one of LA's favorite backdrops. Oh, it's free, too.

TOUR DE TASTE: Pub crawls and restaurant hops? Pretty common. Less common? Biking along a tasting tour. But that's exactly what will be going down around Ballona Creek and Culver City. It's $95, but that'll nab you bites at several of the city's eateries, plus a guided tour around the area. Spend a bit more and become a member of the LA County Bicycle Coalition, too. You'll be in the loop on other great bike to-dos. Sunday, March 4

PALEYFEST 2012: All sorts of tops shows and all sorts of top stars and all sorts of major showrunners convene on the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills for this two-week -- or close to two-week -- television party. Tickets for "Mad Men" are gone, but other nights have a few left. "American Horror Story" opens the festival on Friday, March 2.

A TRIBUTE TO DR. SEUSS: Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra is well-known for its colorful, whimsical tributes -- remember the Jim Henson exhibit from a few months back? -- so we're looking forward to this Sneetch-y show. See how various artists interpret the great Mr. Geisel's stories and best characters. Opens Saturday, March 3

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