Weekend: Super Moon!

It'll be the biggest of the year, so make for nature.

SUPER MOON: Full moons are pretty dang delightful, but a super moon -- sorry "Super Moon" -- is a whole other magical bag. Scientists are saying that the Saturday, May 5 moon will be the biggest of the year. And while anyone can enjoy the rare sight for free -- that is if you can get outdoors or you have access to a window -- here's another free thing: LA Mountains has a Franklin Canyon full moon hike. It starts at 7 p.m., lunar lover.

Super Moon Photos: Send your photos to isee@nbcla.com. Instagram users, add #Socalgram

LA MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL: Revelation time: How many music videos do you remember all the moves to? And the words? And how many did you create costumes around, to match what the rockers were wearing? We're probably on the low side at eight or nine. Oh, wait. Should we admit that here? If you love the form, get to the Downtown Independent on May 4 and 5 for a full on music-elebration. (And no worries: Video may have killed the radio star, but Super Moon'll be just fine.)

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: There's nothing to say here but comic book people are a grand and friendly lot and they deserve something swell from time to time. Comic book stores will be giving away a free comic book to each customer on Saturday, May 5 -- a comic book of the store's choosing, we'll add -- so get there. You should re-wear your Avengers get-up from the day before. Just sayin'.

DANCE DOWNTOWN: Why hello there, summer, or at least a longstanding free summertime happening. Friday, May 4 is the opening night for this every two weeks (or so) shake-your-stuff to-do that takes over Music Center Plaza. Salsa and merengue are the styles for May 4. Eye the schedule before grabbing your swirly skirt.

KENTUCKY DERBY TIME: The ponies'll have crossed the finished line in less time it takes you to fuss with your fancy hat in the mirror before heading out to your chosen party. But those few minutes are certainly some of the most famous on the racing calendar. The Los Angeles Athletic Club has a julep-tasty soiree on, so gussy up, mane mavens. Saturday, May 5

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