Weeknight Savings at Casa Cody

Casa Cody

AUGUST IDYLL: As a lot of the rest of the world takes this month off, we try not to be jealous. There are ways to squeeze a bit of vacation from the summer yet, and of course doing it mid-week means saving cash. Casa Cody is doing a stay mid-week, pay $79 for the night (plus tax, but you know that bit).

DESERT TEMPS: That's really good for a slice of hacienda-sweet Palm Springs. And the heat? Let it get into the bones. Our summer has been far too June-Gloom-y here anyway. A little scorchiness soothes the soul. This deal is running through Sept. 30, 2010. There's a pool, too. It's Palm Springs. Don't even think of entering the city limits without your trunks.

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