Los Angeles

NBC4 I-Team Demystifies Your Polling Place for Election Day

Several neighbors in one local community were confused and anxious after getting conflicting results about their polling place for the upcoming election.

One woman says she checked on the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder's website and received the location that was listed on her sample ballot, but when she called the County she received a different location.

Another neighbor says she received an email from the County Registrar listing one polling site but after clicking a link, another location popped up.

Officials say polling place changes are not uncommon. They happen in most large elections due to last-minute cancellations. But they encourage voters to contact their office so they can confirm their polling place for Election Day.

The poll locator site can be found here or voters can call 1-800-815-2666.

Provisional ballots are available at polling sites in case a voter arrives at a wrong place.

For a full list of polling places for November, click here.

A voter must know the precinct in which they reside to navigate this page.

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