What You're Doing Tonight: April 30th

PIXAR HONCHO POURS VINO: We're giddy with geeky excitement over this one: John Lasseter, one of the bigwigs at Pixar (and director of "Toy Story" and "Cars" to boot), is a mondo wine enthusiast. In fact, there's even a Lasseter Family Winery in Sonoma. We like the unusual combo of his interests: animation and libation. He and Nancy Lasseter are talking vino at Disney's California Adventure, part of the big Food & Wine Festival going on now. 6:30PM

HA HA-ING APLENTY: Our city positively brims with stuff to grin at most evenings, but when the Los Angeles Comedy Festival kicks in, the grinning goes into high gear. That's because the breadth, width, height, and variety of devastating hilarity is mighty impressive. Opening night is April 30, everything's at the ACME Theatre. You need funny, right? Like, pronto?

GORGONZOLA DOLCE DELIGHTS: It's still toasting our buns that the big Grilled Cheese Invitational has come and gone. But we can turn to Campanile, where Thursday night is Grilled Cheese Night. Either of the Croques -- Monsieur or Madame -- will fill us with dairy-derived joy. You know where to go: La Brea. You know how to arrive: desiring cheesy pleasures.

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