7/21: Counting Crows, Solar Eclipse, Lobster Fest

COUNTING CROWS: Did "A Long December" make a ton of people drop everything and move to LA back in '96? Maybe. There's something about that song -- "one more day up in the canyons" -- which makes our town seem about as cool as it really is. Adam Duritz and the guys are on the Traveling Circus and Medicine Show tour -- Michael Franti and Spearhead, plus Augustana are listed, too -- and are headed for the Greek Theatre. 7:30PM

SOLAR ECLIPSE WEBCAST: It's being hailed as the "longest solar eclipse" of this century, which is very impressive, even a mite exciting. But. But we can't see it here in the States, so Griffith Observatory is setting up a live feed from where it can be seen. You'll be watching it with other cosmos-loving buffs, and it is conveniently after work for most people. Thank you, Sun. Eclipse is at 6:37ish in the PM, but the whole thing runs 5-8PM.

LOBSTER FEST: You're a bib person. You like drawn butter and messy fingertips and little silver cracking devices. Maybe you didn't grow up in Maine -- maybe you've never been to Maine -- which is unfortunate because that is one gorgeous sea-coast-y state -- but you love the lobster. All the Marmalade Cafes are putting the spotlight on the crustacean every Tuesday night. It's Tuesday, so wear something that's bibbable.

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