6/11: Au Revoir Simone, The Church on the Sunset Strip, Poe

HELLO, AU REVOIR: Looking a bit like a vintage Margaret Keane painting, or bookish extras in some early 1970s afterschool special, Au Revoir Simone makes us want to listen to happy, electro-fun folk all day, and wear polyester dresses with little bows near the neck while we do so. El Rey, 7PM doors

"MILKY WAY" WAYFARERS: Heard in "Donnie Darko" and on a million car stereos over the last two decades, "Under the Milky Way" is still that song. You know that song. We'll hit the "play again" button again and again on it, as will pretty much anyone who has ever heard it. The Church is at The Roxy with "Milky Way" and more far-journeying tuneage. 8PM doors

WORLD PREMIERE: We did enjoy the just-closed Edgar Allan Poe show at Halloween Town in Burbank (picture lively, comic-book-y artworks inspired by classic tales), so we're keen -- and, um, scared -- to see this modern take on the chilling "Annabel Lee"; it bows at the Dances With Films Festival at the Laemmle 5 on Sunset. 9:30PM

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