William Shatner, Talking Kirk and More

The cap'n reminisces on life in and beyond the Starfleet uniform.

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ACTOR AND MAN: It's a common Tinseltown tale, the performer who clowns his way through his roles and yet? And yet. And yet no one feels as if they know this person, who he is behind the big action scenes and comic pratfalls. All of this that we're saying here 100% does not apply to William Shatner. There are many actors in the modern actor pantheon, but only the Man Who Was Kirk can elicit adoration and knowing nods or fan-style devotion. Yes, a lot of that has to do with hailing from one of the most dearly held series ever broadcast, but Mr. Shatner's self-assuredness and happy swagger transcended "Star Trek." He's recorded spoken-word-ish albums and playfully mocked hardcore "Trek" devotees on "Saturday Night Live." He's held a bunch of other big roles, too, and made a documentary where he went around and visited all the other actors who played "Star Trek" captains through the ages. This is pretty major, performer-wise, to live outside the expected lines. This is Shatner.

AND THIS IS HIS LIVE SHOW: The man, the legend, the Shat has been on the road off-and-on for a few years talking to audience about all things Enterprise and "T.J. Hooker" and his love of horses and the women he's kissed on-screen (his site estimates that number to be in the hundreds or possibly thousands). His show -- perfectly titled "Shatner's World" -- is making a Southern California swing-through but, alas, neither LA nor San Diego are on his itinerary. He'll be Shatnering up Costa Mesa on Thursday, Jan. 17 and Santa Barbara on Friday, Jan. 18.

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