Window Shopping: Marc Channels Palin via Letter

Marc Jacobs has never been shy about his political views and working our way to Election Day he's full-throttle in his support for Obama, here and in NYC, where the men's store is be-hatted with 'Joe.' His Melrose boutique is set up with the Republicans menacingly on one side (with a particularly freaky look W) and brightly dressed Obama voters/supporters on the other. There's also a gun-toting Palin with a letter posted next to her image, which reads as follow:

Dearest Citizens, I believe in, 1) No choice for you gals. 2) Creationism for you kids. 3) No rights for you gays and lesbians. 4) Everyone should own a gun! You gotta believe in something, baby! Your Future VP, S.P.

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