Women in Magic Week

The Magic Castle salutes Milt Larsen's mom and a bevy of greats.

Women and magic share a long, colorful, and centuries-old history. Magicians who happened to not be men have gained acclaimed over the years. And, nope, that history hasn't all about putting the lady in the box and watching her disappear.

For women have long been master magicians in addition to playing the part of the able and quick-footed assistants. And while we're pretty sweet on vintage illusions like the box-disappearing trick, we're keen to see a magician directing the action from her place at centerstage. So when the Magic Castle hosts its first week fully devoted to women working in magic, it is time to take note.

That week is happily upon us now. Dates? Monday, May 7 through Sunday, May 13. Stars of magic? Oh yes. The roster of top-notch prestidigitators includes Juliana Chen, who is a wizard with the cards, and the Duchess of Deception Joycee Beck. (We long for a cool title like that.)

Women in Magic Week is also a tribute to Geri Larsen, mom to Magic Castle founder Milt Larsen. And this is keen: Liberty Larsen, Geri's great-granddaughter, will perform "one of her great-grandmother's signature illusions" during the run.

The week also pays honor to the Hollywood landmark's 50th anniversary.

Yep, the Castle is still members only, but there is the briefer Open Sesame membership. It's a hundred bucks.

We'll also add that we've seen many excellent women receive top billing at the Castle over the years. But more weeks like this? We do hope that's in the landmark's big magical bag of wonders.

Pictured: Geri Larsen

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