Endless Summer Package

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CABANA AND COCKTAILS: Yes. Summer does wrap up around the third week of September, officially, but unofficially we can all agree that Labor Day feels like the end of the observed summer season. With that in mind, Hotel Shangri-La is offering an "Endless Summer Package" that starts prolonging that summer feeling on Monday, Sept. 6, which just happens to be Labor Day.

ABOUT THAT PACKAGE: There's a one-day poolside cabana (if the words "poolside" and "cabana" aren't squarely in summer's corner, we don't know what words are). There is a complimentary cocktail on the hotel roof (there's a lounge up there; you won't just be sitting on top of the building). Plus two nights in a "Deluxe Ocean View Room." Plus bfast, to fuel you up for cabana-based lounging. It's $625, there will be taxes and tips on top of that, and you can get more info by ringing the Santa Monica hotel.

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