Film Sips in Santa Barbara


STUBS TO SIPS: Any promotion that starts with the idea of saving your movie ticket stub tends to be pretty good. After all, it assumes you've recently been to a movie, which is generally a positive thing. But it also suggests you'll get something nice by showing your movie ticket. That's exactly the deal behind Film Sips, which is a program happening at several Santa Barbara tasting rooms during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which is on from Thursday, Jan. 27 through Sunday, Feb. 6.

TASTING TICKETS: The upshot is simple: Hold onto your stubs from the fest, present 'em at certain wine rooms around the area, and get discounts. There are also secret phrases to say at particular wine rooms, too. And boy, it is hard to choose which we like better: the movie ticket stub or the super secret "give us wine" phrase. Both have benefits. Get details, and your phrases, at the Film Sips page.

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