The Graber Olive House

So, like us, you probably like to stick an olive on every finger at Thanksgiving dinner. Just for something to do, while the bird's in the oven.

But we are not recommending this activity with the famous Graber olives, which hail from Ontario. Nope. Those beauties are big -- plum-sized, nearly. And while they have some of the flavors of a black olive, they are green and rosy and gold, and meaty. Very meaty.

You've probably seen Grabers sold at places like Bristol Farms, but you can go direct to the source, the Graber Olive House, for a tour of the canning barn, a look around the large and food-fun gift shop, and some major stocking up. And while the olives are actually grown near Porterville, everything else that happens to them happens in this historic spot.

Bonus: Old California lives here. The rancho, the palms, the beautiful Ontario neighborhood. Don't bemoan that the golden is disappearing from our state. It isn't. Graber's got it.

Driving time from downtown LA: Maybe an hour-ish, depending on back-ups.

How much you'll spend: The tour is free (note that the canning is going on during the months of October-December; the rest of the time you'll be looking at quiet, but interesting, machinery/rooms). Cans of olives are in the $3.65-$5.75 range, and make a most excellent host gift. The nice people at the gift shop supply you with a green gift bag and Graber sticker, so your gift looks all official-like.

De-stressing potential: High. The swaying trees, the wide porch, the lack of honking, the olive-sampling opportunities all make for a brain-quieting afternoon.

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