Grand Californian's New Bamboo Massage

"Rolled" and "Slid": Those are the two words that caught our eye when we first read about the new Bamboo Massage at Disney's Grand Californian & Spa on-site Mandara Spa. Those aren't words one often reads when reading about spa services. "Hot rocks" we see. Even "mud wrap." But the idea of oil-soaked bamboo shoots being rolled and slid over knotted-up muscles definitely intrigues.

Could This Rival the Fireplace? We always recommend a cocktail by the Grand Californian's stone-laden fireplace to people looking for a peaceful, hourlong park break. But maybe the bamboo will shoot straight up our list to the top spot. Oh, yes we did say "shoot straight up our list." We've been on the Jungle Cruise once or twice. We are not afraid of wacky wordplay.

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