Harbor & Seafood Festival

A MONTH OF MMM-ING: epicure.sb may have gone the lowercase route in terms of its name, but what it represents is big. Month-long big. Many-chef'd big. Demo'd-and-wine-tasting big. It's a full-on feast of a fest happening throughout October around Santa Barbara, and there are so many things going on we thought we should go ahead and start somewhere.

HARBOR & SEAFOOD FESTIVAL: That is a fine place to start, seeing as how Santa Barbara is referred to as the American Riviera, thanks to all that coastline. It's a seven-hour seaside party on Saturday, Oct. 9. There will be the enjoying of crustacean-y things at the Harbor party. There will be learning about cooking. There will be a tall ship sighting. And there will be "interactive maritime education." The best sort, interactive. Mark this on your calendar, because it really is only a few weeks away.

BUT WHAT ABOUT... The famous avocado festival, that's also in the area and also in early October? Oh. That's coming, too. Bet on it.

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