Hello, Fancy Heated Bubble Ski Lift Chair

VERUCA SALT MOMENT: Did you have a spoiled me-me-me moment when you saw the photo of the fancy new heated bubble ski lift chair, which is will be soon transporting people up a Park City mountain at The Canyons Resort in Utah? We immediately felt very selfish-"Willy-Wonka"-childish. We want one of those heated-seat bubbles in our living room, where we can sit and watch TV. But alas. They're just at The Canyons, for now, or, rather, we should say The Canyons is the first place in the U.S. to get 'em. See? Veruca Salt-style wantness rising.

TWO MORE THINGS TO KNOW: The bubble-heated-seat-happy-ski-lift mountain opens for business on Friday, Dec. 10. And, oh, lookie lookie: The Sundance Institute has a contest on, and the prize is a trip to the film festival. We would certainly make time, if we won, during all our movie-watching, to try this thing out. There might be an issue when it came time for us to disembark and the nice employees of The Canyons attempted to extract us from our warm, heated-seat bubble. Oh, we'd hop off, but probably with a Veruca-like hmph. (We should also note that your tush will be what will be warmed while inside; it won't be an all-over warming. But that will make the bubble easier to leave, we hope.)

ONE MORE THING: The heated chair is called the Orange Bubble Express, and there's a good reason why. The resort cheekily says this "is what it is like to be in a giant ski goggle." Funny.

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