Ojai Pirate Faire


SEPT. 19: It's a date that boasts a holiday you likely acknowledge each and every year: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. But it falls on a Sunday in 2010, making it impossible to linger around the office kitchen and arrrr-it-up to your coworkers' infinite delight. What to do? Fear not, sad pirate. There's still a place where pirate-type talk is both welcomed and encouraged, as is pirate dress, pirate traditions, and pirate tales.

OJAI PIRATE FAIRE: This annual swashbuckler is again returning to Lake Casitas near Ojai on Saturday, Sept. 18 and Sunday, Sept. 19. There is dancing. There is juggling. There is a portion of the day given over to gallows humor. There will be combat demos and a costume-y parade. There will be pirate talk, both on Sept. 19 and International Talk Like a Pirate Day Eve. It's described as the "largest gathering of pirates" on this side of the continent. Ye olde impressive fact, indeed. 

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