Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix

WEEKEND OF WHEELS: No, the famous golf carts of famous Catalina Island are not racing over the Dec. 4-5 weekend (although organizers of sporting events might consider such an offbeat event down the road; we'd certainly root for golf carts on the go-go-go). But many two-wheeled, zippity-zip machines will be rife with racing fever, courtesy of the 2010 Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix. And if the idea of leather-clad racers zooming around a small, picturesque island on gleaming cycles sounds like a scene from some '60s actioner to you, well, it does a bit. We'd even do up a beehive before taking the boat over to Avalon, but we'll probably wait; it can get a mite windy up on deck.

HISTORY OF THE RACE: Read more about the Grand Prix's mid-century connections to Catalina Island here. As we said, vroom-vroom. (And note the festivities kick off on Dec. 3; get the full sked before boating over.)

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