Emmy Predictions: Yahoo Buzz Edition

Could search engine queries predict Emmy winners? Perhaps.

Until Ernst & Young starts giving out sneak peaks at Emmy envelopes, there's no real way to guarantee Emmy winners.

We can try -- and we certainly do -- but Emmy voters are fickle, fickle people who love to surprise us.

So in an effort to win our office pool, we turn to a new treasure trove of Emmy analysis: Yahoo searches.

The search giant has put together the buzziest nominees based on Yahoo searches from June 1, 2009, to May 31, 2010.

Think of it as the People's Choice Awards meet the Emmys. Now, obviously "the people" are not Emmy voters. Otherwise, "American Idol" would probably top "The Amazing Race" every year.

And search engines are not always places that reflect real life. Don't tell this to a tween, but despite massive search queries, Justin Bieber is not the most important person in the world.

Still, perhaps there's something to be learned from this list. Any analysis is good analysis when it comes to filling out that perfectly predicted Emmy ballot. Well, it was either this or consulting with Paul the Octopus.

Yahoo's Emmy Buzz:

Buzziest Drama

  1. "Lost," ABC
  2. "True Blood," HBO
  3. "Dexter," Showtime
  4. "Mad Men," AMC
  5. "Breaking Bad," AMC
  6. "The Good Wife," CBS

Buzziest Comedy

  1. "Glee," FOX
  2. "The Office," NBC
  3. "Modern Family," ABC
  4. "30 Rock," NBC
  5. "Nurse Jackie," Showtime
  6. "Curb Your Enthusiasm," HBO

Buzziest Lead Actress, Drama

  1. Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," NBC)
  2. Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife," CBS)
  3. January Jones ("Mad Men," AMC)
  4. Kyra Sedgwick ("The Closer," TNT)
  5. Connie Britton ("Friday Night Lights," NBC)
  6. Glenn Close ("Damages," FX)

Buzziest Lead Actor, Drama

  1. Michael C. Hall ("Dexter," Showtime)
  2. Hugh Laurie ("House M.D.," Fox)
  3. Jon Hamm ("Mad Men," AMC)
  4. Matthew Fox ("Lost," ABC)
  5. Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad," AMC)
  6. Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights," NBC)

Buzziest Lead Actress, Comedy

  1. Tina Fey ("30 Rock," NBC)
  2. Amy Poehler ("Parks and Recreation," NBC)
  3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus ("The New Adventures of Old Christine," CBS)
  4. Lea Michele ("Glee," FOX)
  5. Toni Collette ("United States of Tara," Showtime)
  6. Edie Falco ("Nurse Jackie," Showtime)

Buzziest Lead Actor, Comedy

  1. Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock," NBC)
  2. Steve Carell ("The Office," NBC)
  3. Matthew Morrison ("Glee," FOX)
  4. Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm," HBO)
  5. Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory," NBC)
  6. Tony Shalhoub ("Monk," USA)
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