Your Child’s Santa Photo: No Crying, Frowning or Squirming

There are a few tricks for that perfect shot with the jolly guy.


The time is here for holiday shopping, and if you've got a baby or toddler, that photo with the department store Santa. But, maybe you're trying to avoid a repeat of a previous year, when that photo was ruined by crying, screaming, tantrums, squirming or much worse.

The experts at offer this advice:

  • Don't go see Santa anywhere near nap time.
  • Feed your child right before you go see Santa.
  • Pick a time when there is not a long line.
  • If the child has not seen Santa before, make sure you take the child to see Santa and be introduced two or three times before photo day. has some additional advice:

  • Wait time is crucial. Try to take your baby while the older kids are still in school.   
  • Change your baby's diaper right before going to see Santa.
  • Bring a small toy to keep your child occupied in line. 
  • Make sure you know what the cost of this is. Many stores will let children sit on Santa's lap for free, photos are extra. But if the parents take a picture, themselves, the store may charge a "sitting" fee.

If it all works out, you could have a photo that's sure to bring "Awws" from the grandparents, and will grace Christmas cards and fireplace mantels. Remember, if it's a disaster, there's always next year.

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