Zeppelin Reunion Tour Set for LA (No, Not the Led Kind)

It's been a long, long time since a Zeppelin has flown the Los Angeles skies. That's about to change.

Airship Ventures' Zeppelin "Eureka" is scheduled to land at the Long Beach Airport on May 20. The last time a Zeppelin visited LA was the Graf Zeppelin back in August 1929, according to Aero-News.

Zeppelin rides will be available to the public while the airship is in town. Interested travelers can make reservations at airshipventures.com or by calling 650-969-8100.

According to its website, flight packages start at $495 -- but can you really put a price on Zeppelin travel?

"The Zeppelin's spacious cabin comfortably accommodates one pilot, one flight attendant, and 12 passengers with luxury features including oversized panoramic windows, an onboard restroom with window, and a 180-degree rear observation window and "love seat" that wraps the entire aft of the cabin," according to Airship Ventures.

And if you're worried about experiencing any "Oh, the humanity" moments, never fear -- according to the company, "the Zeppelin NT has been flying since 1997, in Germany and Japan, with an unparalleled safety record."

Airship Ventures, based out of Moffett Field in the Bay Area, was founded in 2007 and is the only passenger airship operation in the United States. At 246 feet in length, the "Eureka" is the world's largest airship.

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