Zillow Names the Top Trick-or-Treat Cities

Can you guess where LA landed in the top 10?

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Many Halloween enthusiasts in towns near and far know the best streets for trick-or-treating. These are streets they won't reveal to even their nearest and dearest without a lot of finger-wagging and warnings that such privileged information must not be shared.

But what constitutes a good trick-or-treat neighborhood is really up to the individual. Us? We like all the webby decorations. But plenty of people base their favorite areas on the quality of the candy. Full-sized chocolate bars at every house? Oh. Yeah!

Now Zillow is back in the act with its annual Halloween run-down. Yep, it's called the Trick-or-Treat Index 2011, a pinstriped moniker which never fails to make us smile, year in and year out. Well played, Zillow. Well played.

A few considerations go into real estate-tracking site's choices -- home values and walk-ability are two considerations -- and there are the Zillow-like bars and graphs to go along with their results. You don't get a lot of charts with Halloween, generally. So we like.

Los Angeles holds the number eight spot for 2011. And the five neighborhoods within Los Angeles rounding out LA's top five? Westwood's the top spot; Venice is number five. Check out what areas took second, third, and fourth place. The results are on the right of the page.

Zillow did name a California metropolis as the best trick-or-treating spot in all the land. That's San Francisco. We're down with that choice, what with the fog and the everything-that's-not-fog that makes the city so dang atmospheric.

Plus, walking up some of those hills in an elaborate costume? You're more than earning the multiple candy bars you'll eat at the end of the night.

This is the third year for Zillow's Trick-or-Treat Index. We just smiled again, typing that.

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