‘Bicycle Arsonist' Arrested on Suspicion of Setting Numerous Fires in San Bernardino

Investigators have arrested another man, dubbed the so-called "Bicycle Arsonist," on suspicion of setting numerous fires within the past year in San Bernardino, including a brush fire that burned nearly 700 acres and and endangered homes, authorities said Thursday.

Peter Granados, 38, of San Bernardino, was arrested Wednesday after admitting to igniting eight fires, dating as far back as July 3, 2016, according to the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

Prosecutors allege that Granados was responsible for the so-called Mart Fire back in June. The wind-driven brush fire quickly spread up the mountainside, endangering nearby homes and burning 670 acres. 

Investigators said Granados, named the "Bicycle Arsonist," rode a bicycle around San Bernardino and Highland and used an open flame device to light combustibles on fire.

"The bike was an important piece of evidence," said Mike Horton of the SB County Fire Department. "We even had a chase of the suspect where the bike was left behind. He obtained another bike and continued to use that method of transportation in and out of his areas."

A majority of the fires were started in the foothills above Sterling Avenue and E. Foothill Boulevard, and seven of them burned anywhere from one to eight acres and were quickly extinguished, investigators said.

A year-long investigation that included collecting surveillance video and witness information led investigators to Granados' home on Park Avenue, where they conducted a search warrant on Wednesday. Granados subsequently admitted to setting all eight fires, authorities said.

He was booked into the West Valley Detention Center on arson charges. His bail was set at $275,000.

"We are going to hold you responsible," said San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos. "Don't ever think you are going to get away with this."

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