Bald Eagles Found Nesting in an Arizona Cactus for the First Time in Decades

The eagles were found on a cactus near a central Arizona reservoir. It's a rare site not documented since the 1930s.

Arizona Fish and Game Department

For the first time in decades, bald eagles have been found nesting in an Arizona saguaro cactus.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department revealed Wednesday that biologists discovered a pair of eagles and their eaglets in the arms of a large saguaro during a recent eagle survey. Photos posted by the agency showed the eagles nestled at the base of the cactus arm.

The agency's coordinator of raptor management said the eagles are on a cactus near a central Arizona reservoir. He called the find "amazing."

"In fact, it's the first time an image of eagles nesting in a saguaro has been captured in Arizona," the agency tweeted.

Wildlife biologists have looked for decades for a sighting of bald eagles nesting in Arizona saguaro cacti. According to officials, the last known mention of such a site was a 1937 record.

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