Los Angeles

BB Gun Vandals Shoot Out Windows of Up to 40 Cars in Riverside

Police are searching for BB gun vandals who shot out the windows of up to 40 cars in several Riverside County neighborhoods.

The vandals struck sometime overnight on Central Avenue and Via Zapata in Canyon Crest.

"I was angry and upset because ... just another expense," said Rose Welch, who will have to spend several hundred dollars out of pocket to fix her car. "Not cool when you have your soon to be 6-year-old's party coming up."

Two of Jerry Sanchez' family cars were damaged.

"What was the point of this?" he said. "We have to pay for this and fix this."

Riverside police said they had to respond to at least 40 reports in several neighborhoods.

"This is just nonsense, childhood crap," said Andrew Miller.

The victims are not concerned about the motive. They just want these vandals caught.

"Whoever you are, you guys are idiots," said Jerry Sanchez. "I don't like you."

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