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Beck: “Mistakes Were Made” in Allowing Imprisoned Hit Man to Speak at LAPD Event

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck admits mistakes in letting a convicted killer to be a keynote speaker at LAPD sponsored event

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck admitted Thursday that mistakes were made in allowing a convicted killer to be a keynote speaker.

With heavy security, the LAPD escorted a hitman for the Mexican Mafia into downtown LA to speak to law enforcement and wealthy business leaders.

Beck said in a news release Thursday that he has directed the department to "more thoroughly review future events before committing LAPD resources."

The news came a day after the president of the LA Police Commission called for an investigation into the use of LAPD resources to arrange for the meeting.

Rene Enriquez, a high ranking hitman in the Mexican Mafia serving two life sentences for murder, got an LAPD escort to and from a secured downtown LA location on Spring Street where he was to give a crowd of about 125 firsthand insight about the inner-workings of the criminal enterprise.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said he immediately reached out to Beck with a message.

"Any resources taken off the street and used in this way, in my opinion, it was wrong and shouldn't have happened," he said.

Before heading back to prison, Enriquez signed copies of his biography to those in attendance. Police are expected to hold a meeting to talk more about the case next Tuesday.

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