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Bride Demands Answers After ICE Takes Husband Into Custody

A Van Nuys bride to be is demanding answers after she says immigration agents barged into her home and took her fiance.

The agency says they were going after someone else, yet he remained in custody Thursday night.

Rocy Rios says she regrets opening the door one week ago when immigration agents entered the 24-unit apartment complex she manages.

"The police came to knock the door," she said. "And my grandson told me, 'grandma the police is in front of the door.'"

She says she's had LAPD visit before so she didn't think it was unusual until she says the officers "forced" their way in.

"He opened the door and all five guys coming, five police coming inside to my apartment," she said.

Immigration officials admit the agents were targeting someone else that morning. But as it turned out, Rios' fiance is undocumented, with what ICE says is an outstanding removal order from 2011 - that he overstayed.

She said he had no criminal record, no ticket and had never been arrested.

Agents walked him out of the building and took him into custody. Looking back at the surveillance video makes Rios relive that scary morning.

"It's only police, I no see ICE, I no see nothing, I only see police," she said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the use of uniforms that say "Police" are common practice, that the word "Police" is universal for law enforcement - but that ICE-issued uniforms clearly state the word ICE even though NBC4 could not clearly see that in any of the eight angles of the surveillance video viewed.

Either way, Rios says it has led her to lose trust in all law enforcement.

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