Proposed Flight Path Concerns Parents, Neighbors in Sherman Oaks

Parents and neighbors have signed a petition to stop the development of a new Burbank Airport flight path that would take airplanes directly above Sherman Oaks, and make loud airplane noise even louder.

"It starts at 7 in the morning with the first planes that take off and it goes until 10 at night," said John Title, a Studio City resident.

People in the area worry this can distract the students of Carpenter Avenue and Buckley schools, since the two proposed paths would go directly over them.

"I don’t know why our neighborhood is being singled out," said Pamela Barnes. "I could see it getting in the way of, you know, sleeping, and also the environmental factors."

Another resident even started using the cellphone app Airport Noise Plane to report loud airplane noise. He has reported 69 planes on a weekday, and says that on Sundays it can reach up to one hundred planes flying overhead.

Most parents found out about the FAA plans and worry that the petition they signed can’t change the decision.

The FAA will collect public commentary until Thursday and if they don’t have enough opposition they will move forward and start the new path in November.

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