Showdown at the Norco Corral: Big Boy vs. Cowboy Bob

Norco wants another westernized Big Boy statue. The restaurant owner says not so fast, pardner.

Before and After Big Boy
Mary Parks

The city of Norco really embraces its rural nickname: "Horsetown USA."

So much so, that city officials back in 2007 agreed to help co-finance a pair of westernized Big Boy statues for the local restaurant.

Well, now there's a problem.

The restaurant only has one westernized statue, and city officials are still expecting a smaller version for the roof.

Restaurant owner James Tsai says he doesn't remember agreeing to a second statue, and he can't afford to chip-in for the second one, the Press-Enterprise reported.

"I would like to see Cowboy Bob on the roof," said Norco Councilwoman Kathy Azevedo. "That was part of the deal."

Negotiations are currently ongoing.

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