Showdown at the Norco Corral: Big Boy Vs. Cowboy Bob

Norco wants another westernized Big Boy statue. The restaurant owner says not so fast, pardner.

The city of Norco really embraces its rural nickname: "Horsetown USA."

So much so, that city officials back in 2007 agreed to help co-finance a pair of westernized Big Boy statues for the local restaurant.

Well, now there's a problem.

The restaurant only has one westernized statue, and city officials are still expecting a smaller version for the roof.

Restaurant owner James Tsai says he doesn't remember agreeing to a second statue, and he can't afford to chip-in for the second one, the Press-Enterprise reported.

"I would like to see Cowboy Bob on the roof," said Norco Councilwoman Kathy Azevedo. "That was part of the deal."

Negotiations are currently ongoing.

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