Stickam Adds Mobile Video Streaming to Compete With Qik, Flixwagon

Live video streaming service Stickam is expanding into mobile, announcing today that users will now be able to stream videos to their account with a cell phone. Similar to services like Qik and Flixwagon – who offer mobile video streaming exclusively - the service is initially being offered with Nokia N95 and S60 series phones.

Like other Stickam videos, mobile streams can be embedded elsewhere with copy and paste code, so live streamers can place their videos on their own websites and blogs. Broadcasters will also be able to view stats like the number of people watching as well as their chat room from the Stickam Mobile application. For users looking to view Stickam mobile video streams, they can be found under a new “Mobile” section that has been added to the “Live Streams” section of the site.

The addition of live streaming by Stickam poses the age old question: is this a business or a feature? While services like Qik and Flixwagon are trying to build communities exclusively around mobile streaming video, Stickam has simply added it as a feature to what is already a relatively popular video site. Broadcasters will flow where the audience is, and for now, Stickam would appear to have a significant edge on the upstarts:

Meanwhile, if some of the bigger fish in the space like YouTube and UStream add mobile video streaming, the opportunity will get even smaller for the likes of Stickam, Qik, and Flixwagon. For its part, Stickam does offer a somewhat unique business model - the “pay-per-live” program it rolled out earlier this year.

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