TuneUp Your iTunes

Managing your iTunes library can be a challenge especially if you’re obsessed with making sure you have all the right artwork and info for your music. A new utility from Tuneup Media promises to help. Tuneup automatically fixes your mislabeled music, fills in missing cover art and track info, and gives you concert information about upcoming live performances you may have an interest in.

Using a technology called MusicID developed by Gracenote, the software takes a small acoustic "fingerprint" of the songs in your collection and matches them to those in an online database similar to the popular Pandora iPod software. The database then sends back the correct cover art and track information to Tuneup which writes it into your iTunes.

Tuneup takes about 1 second to recognize each song and show it in the Results bin. You can review the results and save changes back into iTunes.  Tuneup can match your tunes against a library of around 19 million unique songs. It recognizes most popular music that was released on CD (close to 95%). It doesn’t work with songs not released on CD: DJ mixes, vinyl rips, sound board bootlegs and podcasts.

TuneUp creators say it was created for music lovers, by music lovers. “One thing we all agree on, however, is that our digital music collections were a mess as were our friends. When we did some testing, we learned that almost everyone had the same problem we did.”

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