We Don't Know Jack About the ‘Net

The Internet is the most complex and far-reaching system ever developed by man. Yet it is about as regulated as a pick-up basketball game, according to a published report.

That so much about the Internet is unknowable doesn't necessarily mean that it is in trouble. But it does mean that if it were in trouble, we might not know about it until it was too late. 

This is what really bothers two internet researchers at the University of California, San Diego's Supercomputer Center, the VoiceofSanDiego.org reported.

"We don't have a rigorous discipline of Internet science, no formal channel of getting data," Kimberly Claffy, director of The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis at UCSD said.

"Even economics has the Bureau of Labor Statistics -- and [economics is] called the dismal science. So what does that make us?"

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