California Regulators Fine Goodwill for Death of Employee Crushed on Loading Dock

State regulators have fined the Goodwill charity in Sacramento more than $100,000 after an employee was crushed to death on a loading dock.

The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday that Cal-OSHA issued safety citations following the death at its Franklin Boulevard store. Goodwill denies responsibility and is appealing.

Twenty-six-year-old Abraham Gaza was killed last September when his head was crushed between a metal bin and a trash compactor.

Cal-OSHA found that Goodwill failed to correct unsafe conditions, failed to train workers using dangerous equipment and had no written procedures for safely operating the equipment.

Dave Goudie, a former employee who saw the accident, says he wrote to his superiors a month earlier warning about lack of training and unsafe conditions.

He was fired after the accident.

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