San Diego

Lakeside Firefighters Free Dogs Trapped in Strange Places

Despite his ordeal, Pancho the Labradoodle was not injured, according to the district.

Crews rescued a Labradoodle trapped in an empty septic tank in Blossom Valley Tuesday night, confirmed the Lakeside Fire Protection District (LKS).

This marked the second pooch rescue operation this week. Lakeside firefighters have had their hands full helping dogs caught in a jam.

The dog was discovered around 9:30 p.m., according to the district. Pancho, the black, shaggy Labradoodle, can be seen peering up from a square-shaped trench in the ground with gleaming eyes.

LKS Engine 26 crews lifted Pancho up from the septic tank. District officials said the dog was not injured despite his ordeal.

On Monday, Lakeside firefighters also rescued a dog that got his head stuck in a brick wall while chasing a ball near San Diego. Once freed, he promptly resumed chasing the ball.

Both dogs were safe afterwards and neither suffered injuries. No further information was immediately available.

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