Don't Jaywalk in San Diego

San Diego Police officers issued multiple tickets on Thursday to pedestrians who walked across intersections when they weren't supposed to.

Crossing the street anywhere other than a desginated crosswalk would cost pedestrians in the Hillcrest neighborhood up to $100.

Poice said research shows that in the past month the fault has primarily fallen on the person walking.

"The pedestrian doesn't always have the right of way and that's a misnomer that we hear all the time," said Lt. Steve Hutchinson. "If you walk out in front of a car, in between two controlled intersections, that's the definition of jaywalking. If you walk out and you get hit, you're at fault."

Rules for where and when pedestrians can cross an intersection are strict, Hutchinson said.

Pedestrians can follow these guidelines:

  • No walking across intersections when there's a red hand or red hand already flashing.
  • No jaywalking.
  • When riding a bike or skateboard, travel with the traffic -- not against it.
  • Always use headlights and tail lights when riding a bike.

While some pedestrians were upset to get a ticket, one bike rider who received a warning believes it’s a public safety issue.

"It was probably the most reasonable way to address the problem," Phil Bolima said. "I think as bike riders, you need to be reassured that you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing."

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