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San Diego Teenager Helps Hundreds of Homeless Kids Through Nonprofit

A San Diego teenager and hundreds of volunteers were hard at work Saturday making gift boxes for local kids in need.

Kenan Pala, 15, started a nonprofit in 2017 called Kids4Community. As its name suggests, the organization is all about kids finding ways to help others in their communities.

During Saturday's efforts, children of every age -- and their parents -- helped make gift boxes for low-income and homeless children throughout San Diego County. The boxes were filled with toys, candy, bracelets, letters, and candy -- basically, things that would bring happiness to children who need it most.

Pala’s passion to help others comes from a very personal, special place.

"My parents have always loved to give back. They immigrated from Turkey way back when, and they've been so grateful for what America has done for them," Pala told NBC 7. "This is truly the land of opportunity. So, I grew up in this environment, where volunteering was just a normal part of my life."

Kids4Community has partnered with Interfaith Community Services who will pick up all the gift boxes, and hand them out to the kids all over the county over the next couple of days.

To learn more about the nonprofit, click here.

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